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CVR MLS Compensation Toolkit

In 2023, CVR MLS updated the listing entry rules to allow users to enter any amount (including zero) in a listing's cooperative compensation fields. This change was made to underscore the complete flexibility of CVR MLS participants and subscribers to engage in transparent negotiations with their clients.

As of February 1, 2024, several revised forms are available in the CVR MLS forms library, including CVR MLS Residential Listing Agreements and the CVR MLS Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreements. The compensation paragraphs in these agreements have been revised to further clarify offers of compensation and facilitate the compensation discussions agents have with their buyer and seller clients.

This toolkit includes the following:

NAR Proposed Settlement | March 15, 2024
  • Frequently Asked Questions about buyer agent compensation
  • A standard clause for buyer agents seeking compensation from the seller in the CVR MLS Purchase Agreement
  • A list of MLS rule changes proposed in the settlement
  • A link to the proposed NAR Settlement

CVR MLS Forms Revisions | February 1, 2024

  • A brief video explaining the CVR MLS forms revisions
  • A summary document of the CVR MLS forms revisions with redlines of the previous forms
  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding compensation as expressed in CVR MLS forms
  • A sample broker office policy paragraph regarding compensation

CVR MLS Rule Change | October 2, 2023

  • A brief video explaining the CVR MLS rule change
  • A recording of the live Town Hall meeting with Michael Lafayette
  • A Compensation Toolkit document that includes:
    • An explanation of the negotiability of agent compensation
    • The REALTORĀ® Code of Ethics and how it addresses agent compensation
    • Frequently Asked Questions about the rule change and buyer agent compensation
    • Tips for discussing buyer agent compensation with your buyer
    • A standard clause for the CVR MLS Purchase Agreement, for if a buyer seeks buyer agent compensation from the Seller

For more information about the CVR MLS Rule Change, visit the

If you have any questions regarding CVR MLS forms, contact

If you have any additional questions, contact

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